Books to Inspire

Lopi Knitting Book
Lopi Knitting Book

I have been thinking how nice it would be if I had all my knitting and craft books together in one place. With that in mind, I have been grabbing my books, some from the bookcase, some from craft boxes, and one that had fallen behind the desk, and putting them in one big pile.

During this process of gathering together the books, I have discovered books forgotten, such as this Lopi knitting book. Lopi is a wool yarn made in Iceland that is used to knit beautiful Icelandic pullover sweaters.

My Lopi book was published in 2002 and that is probably the year when I bought the book. I remember being very excited and inspired by the beautiful sweaters in this book. I was very eager to begin my first Lopi sweater.

What happened? Somehow the years flew by and I knit many others things but not one Lopi sweater. I have been wondering about this and I decided that unconsciously I used this book to inspire my knitting. The beautiful designs, the combination of colors, and the construction techniques I saw in this book pushed me to design and knit my own creations.

I also realized that this is not the only book that has been an inspiration for me. There are others and they will all stand together when I finish organizing my knitting and craft books.

And my Lopi sweater? Yes, I am thinking about it again and maybe one of these days I will make a Lopi sweater for myself.

Moving into March

Winter Sun
Winter Sun

Blue sky and cold sunny days have been so common this winter. Now that we are moving into March, the sun is giving lots of hints that change is in the air. I have noticed that the days are longer and the sun feels much warmer that it did in December.

In March, we will move through the cold days and the warm days, the clash of the seasons, until finally we reach April. Then one day the tulips in my garden will pop out of the ground and I will look at them and wonder how they can be so beautiful.